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Mini Portable Outdoor Alcohol Stove

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Package Include
1 x Mini Stove

1. Mini stove, used to vaporize and burn alcohol for outdoors cooking.
2. Built-in surround device for fully burning. Burning time is 45 minutes in maximum firepower
3. The cap with o-ring seal will prevent evaporation, can be used after sealing.
4. Easy to operate and portable.
5. Suitable for low altitude area and 1 - 2 person to use
6. Can't blow it out and it goes out instantly once smother it with the cap

1. Type: Mini Stove
2. Material:Metal
3. Color: Copper
4. Fuel:Solid Alcohol(Not included)
5. Size: 65x65x45mm

1. This product not includes alcoholic.
2. 500ml alcohol can burn for 4-5 hours.
3. Please pay attention to the wind and flame when cooking.

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